Effects of cinnamon and ginger on supraclavicular skin temperature and health parameters in young men

Esmeralda García-Torres, Verónica Reyes-Meza, Guillermo Alejandro Pérez-Flores


Introduction: Brown adipose tissue in humans is located in different areas of the body, mainly in the supraclavicular area and its activation with different thermogenic molecules could be reflected in this site. Active brown adipose tissue could be a strategy against obesity considering its participation in energy balance.

Objective: To evaluate the effect of cinnamon and ginger on supraclavicular skin temperature and health parameters in young men.

 Material and methods: An experimental study was carried out among 36 young men who were assigned to one of three treatment groups: ginger drink, cinnamon drink, and potable water as a placebo group. The supraclavicular skin temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, and triglycerides were recorded before and after ingesting the drink.

Results: An increase in supraclavicular skin temperature was observed after the ingestion of the cinnamon (0.62 °C), ginger (0.54 °C), and placebo (0.64 °C) drinks. In the group that ingested ginger, there was also a decrease in glucose (6.3 %), an increase in triglycerides (34.4 %), and a decrease in heart rate (13.3 %), but not significant in the cinnamon group or the placebo group.

Conclusion: Our results suggest that cinnamon and ginger both have thermogenic effects on the supraclavicular area in young men adults.

Keywords: Cinnamon, ginger, thermogenic spices.


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